This Is Why We Do It

This needs to stop:

A 20 year old Indian woman got beheaded by her father because he didn’t like her lifestyle choices. He paraded her head through the village before turning himself in to authorities.  The AP story points out the clash of rural Indian morals with modern life.

Even though the Studette website description and home page plainly state what our Studette message and intent is, I still get people who think it’s all about sex or how awesome I am. While I agree with the latter, our real intent is to get conversations started to help change the double standard of acceptable behavior of men compared to how a woman is “supposed” to behave. Women shouldn’t be dead because of their lifestyle choices, ever.

It is very sad commentary that it took me two seconds to find a recent story of atrocity against a woman based on her lifestyle choices. My own encounters with the duplicity of men slut shaming women has been confined to name calling and feeling less of a person. I still have my head. It is our intent and purpose in life to make sure all women keep their heads and use them however they see fit without prejudice.

You can help us in this endeavor by talking to your friends, calling out the double standard when you see or hear it and just being real with yourself and others around you on the subject. We will know we’ve made a difference when a woman can fuck or love whoever she pleases (responsibly, of course. Serial heartbreakers are bad, mmkay?) and no one says one thing against her.

Tell us what you think. What will happen first, equal pay or equal sexual treatment? How long do you think it will be before this site is unnecessary? With all the crazy laws trying to regulate women’s reproductive rights in the United States, we think we’re in it for the long haul. Unfortunately.


Meet My Daughter, Vagina

By now most people have heard of the Michigan House Rep who plainly stated that the lawmakers attention to her vagina was flattering but unwelcome. She got banned for that statement apparently specifically because of the use of the word vagina. You know, the scientific term for “down there” and without which there would be no human life on the planet. That vagina.

Dick is a proper name, right? No one gets their feathers ruffled if you say, “Hello, Dick!!” or “Put that right here, Dick!”.  Every time I hear the name Dick, I think of a penis. While it might just me that thinks penis every single time I hear the name Dick, I think we can, nay, should make Vagina a proper name, too. It would take some of the unfamiliarity and apparent icky-ness away from it, not like every human wasn’t actually up in it at some point but you know, some people are sensitive about from whence they came.

I pity the child named Vagina, though. Can you imagine? My daughter would have to tell people why her name is Vagina. “My mother named me Vagina so that it would be as acceptable in society as Dick”. That would suck. Don’t make me name my daughter Vagina. Please.

Video of the vagina incident: