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What Is A Studette?
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The Studette: Are You One?


I am a confident, happy, self-reliant woman.

I am always ready for a challenge and new experiences!

Since they hadn’t yet heard of the term, “Studette”, unenlightened others have used various adjectives to describe me, such as: wild, free-spirited, dynamic, player, misunderstood, fickle, flirty, etc.

I can be found enjoying - and will not shy away from - showing affection and attention in safe and nurturing ways towards men, whether I am romantically interested or not.

I am comfortable in my own skin and also with who I am.

I am spontaneous.

I beleive in the golden rule of treating others the way you wish to be treated.

I am perfectly happy to arrive to a function or event alone, but usually find new friends before the night is over. (Men will no doubt make up over 50% of them)

I am very good at attracting and engaging others in witty, intelligent conversations.

I am good at many things, great at others!

I am viewed as a leader, even when I am not in that role.

I like challenging usually happens when I am not ready for it - and it usually plays out very nicely!

Men adore me, women sometimes “fear” me, but will then adore me, too.

I am happiest when I am free to make my own choices.

I have had/created an unusual personal life, sex life, family life which all has made me this stunning creature I am today.

I often question conventional wisdom and authority.

I dislike and refuse double standards.

In my circle of friends, I am known for getting people together for the sake of being together, whatever happens after that will probably be credited to me, as well. ;)

People get EXCITED by my ideas.

I insist on being treated with respect.

I can usually work my way out of a difficult situation.

I know I was born with the right to have, do, give, receive and share all of myself with whomever I please, whenever I please.

I am never afraid to blaze a trail into the unknown - others seem to naturally and gladly follow.

I suspect that Studette-ness runs in my family.


Secondary Information

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