Three Years and Three Days

As originally written on Dec 26, 2006:

I just finished having one of those weekends you read about in romance novels. I feel like I just lived an entire lifetime in the past three days. It was meaningful, beautiful and life altering in almost every way.

It was Christmas three years ago when I first met Lorenzo. I was at Olympia after my company holiday party and was having a good time with friends there when I noticed a quite handsome young man that kept looking at me. It took him about a half hour but he finally asked me to dance and we started talking.

We both felt a strong attraction to one another but in relationships, timing is everything…we were both married albeit not happily. So we lost each other for three years. I had often thought of him and “what it would have been like if” but never really thought I’d see him again. Until, of course, I did.

This time when our eyes met the ember of a fire that had been sparked so long ago came into full blaze. That didn’t stop me from reaching into my purse to get a business card…I was damn sure not letting him get away without my number this time!!
We stayed together from the time our eyes met until the time when I had to see him leave again. But in that time I lived another lifetime and knew real unadultered love again and it was good. Really good. So of course it couldn’t last.

Lorenzo is from Albania. He came to America by way of Greece where he had lived for ten years. He speaks three languages fluently and can understand many others. He is gentle and kind and has some of finest friends I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. But Lorenzo is young, only 29, and still making his way. Right now, he is making his way working as an alaskan crab fisher, apparently one of your more dangerous occupations. He is on the boat for months at a time and I will not see him again for maybe six months.
I just wanted to share my “Affair to Remember” as it was truly a dream and magic from start to finish. It is funny how life works.

Some pictures are on my page.

Another fitting Poem by David John Lucas

Harbor of Power

What finds us here is desire
A quench for internal fires
Some burning, some a glowing ember
Some for lust, some seeking forever

My heart has been my loudest voice
The one to hear it is the only choice
Surrender my quest to the angels of fate
They place us together, my hearts only mate.

Our ships finally passing, our anchors finally touch
Our harbor finally realized within each others love.
In our power and glory seen only to roam apart
Each ruling a domain with a presence so stout

Provide me this retreat where comfort melds with passion
In the company of each other each in a discreet fashion

We let down our guards in knowing each others power
In this private union strenth so soft as the petal of a flower.
Knowing each others fears and feats never needs spoken.
In this retreat we live and love with time and the world frozen.
We part to return to each our majestic patrols
Refreshed, alive and in complete control.

David John Lucas

Copyright ©2002 David John Lucas

Note added June 5, 2012 – Studettes can fall hard for the wrong guy. Didn’t take me long to get over the, “Why you no clean?” and “Why you no cook?” constant comments but it was SO worth it. 

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