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Originally written Dec 4, 2006:

Having been recently divorced and putting myself “out there” on the internet has forced me to write a lot of things “About Me” and “Who I’d Like to Meet”. It has been kind of cathartic and forced me to answer some really basic questions about myself that I hadn’t given any thought to in quite some time.

In this rumination of mine I have discovered that it’s very difficult to pin me down. I could talk about me today but that could very well change tomorrow. I am ever evolving, always becoming, constantly changing and forever learning, adapting and growing. Those are my constants. That’s who I am.

Now that’s not to say that my core values of honesty, compassion, discovery, reason and love of laughter change on a frequent basis, but rather how new events and changes in my life are affected by those core values to add to the evolution of me.

SHREK: For your information, there’s a lot more to ogres than people think.
DONKEY: Example?
SHREK: Example? Okay, um, ogres are like onions.
DONKEY: [Sniffs] They stink?
SHREK: Yes. No!
DONKEY: They make you cry?
DONKEY: You leave them out in the sun, they get all brown, start sprouting’ little white hairs.
SHREK: No! Layers! Onions have layers! Ogres have layers! Onions have layers. You get it? We both have layers. [Sighs]
DONKEY: Oh, you both have layers. Oh. [Sniffs] You know, not everybody likes onions. Cake! Everybody loves cakes! Cakes have layers.
SHREK: I don’t care… what everyone likes. Ogres are not like cakes.
DONKEY: You know what else everybody likes? Parfaits. Have you ever met a person, you say, “Let’s get some parfait,” they say, “Hell no, I don’t like no parfait”? Parfaits are delicious.
SHREK: No! You dense, irritating, miniature beast of burden! Ogres are like onions! End of story. Bye-bye. See ya later.

I love that movie…..and now back to my story….

I am not the car I drive nor the job I have. I can not be fully defined by the friends I have nor by my family. Although I wouldn’t mind a bit being evaluated with friends and family in mind…they’re all awesome! I’ve lived in many different places in the world, but I am not defined by that either. I am a conglomeration of all those things and so much more unseen and inside and sometimes none of it.

Are you confused yet? Or do you “get” it?

Did you notice there’s nothing about God leading me in my life or me turning to God for guidance or being shaped by Him? That’s because God is inside us all, God is US. We are all made of the same stuffs, not just homo sapiens but everything everywhere is made of the same original stuff that was at one point all one really, really, really, really dense ball of matter. Sorry but the God of the Christian bible (or any other “Bible” for that matter) is not included in my core beliefs. I have no faith where that extremely contradictory work of fiction to control society is concerned. To say that we are all created by some omniscient being is far too simple an answer for this beautiful and wonderfully complex universe. Love to talk about it all though, anytime, anywhere.

So that’s “About Me”, now what do I like? Well, the usual stuff actually. You know…fine dining, wine tasting, artsy fartsy stuff, live acoustic music, moonlit walks on the beach, meeting up with 39 other people at a designated time and virtual place to kill monsters and explore dungeons, you know…the basics. Other activities I like are rollerblading, bowling and putt-putt golf. My interests include rational and irrational thinking, getting in touch with my spiritual side, science fiction, astronomy, genetics, philosophy, theology, ancient history and laughing a lot.

I’m interested in finding and meeting co-creators, collaborators, co-conspirators, co-producers, teachers, and travelers to share in this epic adventure called life, friends mostly. Friends are where it should always begin. Now if we happen to get naked from time to time that’s ok too. (just checking to see who actually read this….LOL)

Hi, my name is Katie. I’m 39 years old, recovering addict to World of Warcraft (Stormreaver, 60 Pally, Aremana, Malicious Guild), recently divorced and living alone for the first time in my life.

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