How to Get Your Family Kicked Off an Island Paradise

So yeah, as a young and horny Studette, I lived on a beautiful island paradise. I was seventeen, tan and fit. And I wanted ALL the hot guys. So I had them, mostly.

I had been living on the island with my family for about two and half years. I went back state side on my vacation and when I returned my family went to Hawaii for two weeks for their vacation. So there I was: no parents, no chaperone, just all on my own in the most beautiful tropical setting. I had the TIME OF MY LIFE!

Until I locked myself out of the house that is.

I called the appropriate authorities to come unlock my door but I didn’t realize that I had to BE there in order for them to do it; so I went to a basketball game and watched hot, sweaty men play all night. Then after the game, instead of going home well before curfew like a good girl would have, I went to the bachelor’s quarters to play the game of menage a trios with a couple of the basketball players, one of each color for diversity sake.

Unfortunately for me the chief of the local excuse for police saw me sitting on the steps outside the entrance to the BQ. A place a seventeen year old girl is NOT supposed to be. I went in anyway.

I won’t bore you with all the steamy details; unless you beg me to. Suffice to say it was three hours of good clean fun, except when I had to go to the bathroom and the white guy was all like, “But I just got it back up!” and I’m like, “Do you you want me to pee on it?”. Three hours that put me going home well past curfew and of course when I arrived home my door was still locked.

I biked down to the nearest phone and called security again. This time I was at the house when they arrived, but those guys were pretty smart and deduced I had not been at home the entire time. I got a ticket for being out after curfew.

The next day the chief dude put one and two together and the shit hit the fan. My parents were called, my dad’s boss was called and I was called down to the security station. They wanted to ask me all sorts of questions about who else I might have seen while I was there and other such stuff. Since I had already paid my ticket, they couldn’t really pursue anything as they had no actual evidence I was in there.

Unfortunately, my Dad’s company was going through lay offs and my Dad’s boss thought it was a good enough excuse to add him to the list. Boss man called me at 6:00 am a couple days later to tell me I was being sent to my parents in Hawaii. I had a good time there too but that’s another story.

When we all returned home, boss man gave my Dad the lay off news and we had two weeks to pack up and leave the island. The most ironic thing of this whole story is that while my Dad is sitting there having to listen to what a wayward girl he has, he’s remembering the time he and his daughter were in the BQ together visiting my boyfriend, who happened to be none other than his boss’s son.

I’d had the pleasure of both of his sons as a matter of fact. I am Studette after all.

More Sexploits Coming Soon

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