My First Memory of Being a Studette

I wasn’t quite sure if I qualified for the title/honor/genre of “Studette”. So, I took a look at my past and answered these questions to myself…Lots of boyfriends? yes. All of the boyfriends were disappointed when I broke up with them and moved on? Yes. Had my phase(s) of spontaneous hot wild sex and never felt guilty about it? YES!

It’s settled, I am definitely a Studette. I never knew there was a name for how I decided to run my personal life…in fact, at the time I was running around, picking and choosing the cutest guy at the parties, I figured I was the only one with this type of motive in her heart….(and groin). I kept it a secret for the most part, because there may have been lesser, smaller-thinking beings that didn’t understand my actions the way that I understood my actions.

Sometimes, the problem was with the guy to whom I was saying good-bye in the morning as I sneaked out of his bedroom window (because he still lived with his parents at 23) the problem being that he thought by my having sex with him, we could exchange numbers and do this again sometime…”What a fool!” I thought as I secretly rolled my eyes…Then suddenly, another thought entered my mind as if it were my studette voice taking over…”Wait, it’s always good to have a back up plan, and he was pretty easy and not too hard on the eyes” . Quickly before┬ámy second foot hit the ground, I responded out loud, “Yeah, here’s my number”. I actually gave him my real one. Turns out he called a few days later, but ended up being kind of boring to talk to…I lost interest. Moved on…

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