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What Is A Studette?
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What is a Studette?

A Studette is independent, smart, strong, outgoing, passionate, and provocative in all manner of ways. She doesn't need a man but she wants one...or two or three.

If a man who behaves as she does is called a STUD, then she is STUDETTE!! She has control of her life (for the most part) and who she chooses to share that life with at any given time.

Studettes UNITE and tear down the double standard! Join our Facebook® group and bring on the discussion!

Why is a platform to discuss, share and explore all things related to the Studette. The aim to is get people talking about women's sexuality in open, non-derisive terms. One of the ways we intend to do this is by sharing the experiences of your average Studette. What they've done, how they felt and how it was perceived by others. These stories are intensely personal and intentionally non-explicit. will also provide advice on the Studette in relationships of all kinds.

Let's start the conversation, send theStudette a story, a comment, a million dollars, or just about anything you can attach to an email as long as it's not a virus. We practice safe text here.

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